Contest Winners

This contest is over! The winner list is below.

Winner List

Congratulations to the winners of Core's first player tournament! Each winner has been contacted to collect their prizing winnings, as listed below corresponding to placement.

1st: $1000 USD2nd: $500 USD3rd: $250 USD4th - 10th: $50 USD
In addition, all winners in the contest have also received all the characters, mounts, and cosmetics in the Legendary Founders Pack (over $150 value!).

Super Speed Run
Roll 'em
Tower of Terror

Super Speed Run

By BenEast

1. SnoFlak
2. T3N
3. cheeseman54703
4. Chenzy
5. TheBronzeSword
6. zMattyPower
7. Smithy
8. blaking707
9. JoJ3o
10. Vhergo
11. Sonia
12. Taovi
13. Sonia
14. SMender
15. MagnaS

Roll 'em

By WaveParadigm

1. Detrim
2. Ogamiss
3. BlueXans
4. Vahyard
5. debrebeuf01
6. TheBronzeSword
7. ChunkyFlow
8. Chenzy
9. Larguma
10. NicholasForeman

Tower of Terror

By NicholasForeman

1. TheBronzeSword
2. PierreCHT
3. Jcool114
4. cuddlyno321
5. JoJ3o
6. Nacht
7. snoowy
8. Chenzy
9. Luminite
10. Colla

Archived Content

This contest is over! Old information about the contest is below.

Go fast, get cash!

It’s time to put your speedrun skills to the test! Welcome to Core’s first competition for players, the Scream-run Speedrun Tournament! With over $6000 in the prize pool and dozens of potential winners, you can win big by placing in the top leaderboard ranks of three of Core’s most popular games. The Scream-Run Tournament goes from Noon (Pacific) on Thursday, October 29 to Noon (Pacific) on Sunday, November 1! Free to enter and to play.

Super Speed Run
Roll 'em
Tower of Terror

Ready to race? Play any (or all) of the Speedrun contest games above to get started. If you're looking for tips, tricks, and treats, check out the Core Community Discord to brag, discuss strategy, and share your awesome speedrun videos.

Tournament Structure

Tournament Rules

In this 3-day speedrun contest, all winners will take home cash in winnings if they place from 1st through 10th place in one of the 3 games listed: Super Speed Run, Roll 'em, or Tower of Terror. This contest runs from Noon (Pacific) on October 29 to Noon (Pacific) on Sunday, November 1. Any runs made within this time are eligible to win, while any runs outside this time frame will be disqualified.

Winners will be determined by the eligible participants in the top ten places of the leaderboard for each Game at the end of the Contest Period. The above definition shall supersede Section 5 (Determination of Winner) of the Core Contests Official Rules, to which this contest is subject.


Place in the Top 10 leaderboard of any of the 3 qualifying games. In addition, you can also win in multiple games (eg: placing 3rd in Super Speed Run and 8th in Tower of Terror will stack winnings). The leaderboard records will be taken at noon on November 1— with an exciting final hour stream hosted on our official Twitch channel CoreLive as the winners are crowned!

For each contest game's global leaderboard*, the prizing is the following:

1st: $1000 USD2nd: $500 USD3rd: $250 USD4th - 10th: $50 USD
In addition, all winners in the contest will also receive all the characters, mounts, and cosmetics in the Legendary Founders Pack (over $150 value!).

Cash prizes will be paid through Tipalti. Winners must create or have a Tipalti account to collect their prize. For more details on Tipalti and potential tax implications, please see our Help Center article.

* For the game, Roll ‘em, the global leaderboard is the points leaderboard from the highest number of top placings across all levels. Each Roll ‘Em level tracks who has the top 10 fastest times for that level. Having the fastest time earns you 10 points; second fastest 9 points; third fastest 8 points, and so forth. Prizes will be awarded for the Top 10 of the Roll 'em global contest leaderboard that shows the top 10 points earners from totaling all levels.

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